Pneumothorax during transthoracic lung biopsy is a constant threat

to patients, physicians and hospitals



PTX causes immense respiratory distress and invasive chest tube insertion. It extends hospital stay (up to 3 days) and increases post-procedural radiation exposure via CT-scans needed to monitor PTX.


PTX results in increasing the cost of the procedure from approximately $1,200 to $15,000 which is incurred by the patients and hospitals. Hospitals are burdened with additional hospitalization cost due to longer post-operative follow-up time for patients.

impact on physicians

PTX requires careful pre-procedural planning and makes it challenging for fellows and attending physicians at small outpatient centers to treat such a case. If PTX arises, the patient must be transported via ambulance to a higher tier care center.


the cause

There are four critical gaps in current solutions

  1. Applied post-procedure, while 75% of PTX occur during the procedure.

  2. Do not block all sources of air which could lead to PTX.

  3. Limited use based on lesion depth and biopsy tool gage.

  4. Disrupt physician workflow by adding time and steps.