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Enabling improved cancer outcomes

Unleashing the potential of hydrogel-based solutions

Complications in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

At PneumoNIX Medical, we recognize the complex challenges that arise during cancer diagnosis and treatment. Complications can impact patient outcomes significantly. That’s why we are committed to improving cancer care by tackling these complexities head-on.

Our mission is to solve the intricate challenges associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment, revolutionizing the field with innovative hydrogel based solutions. Join us as we embark on this journey to elevate cancer care. 

To begin, we have identified three complications which can be solved with our technology platform. 

Tunable Hydrogel Technology Platform 

Discover the limitless potential of our proprietary tunable hydrogel technology platform. Designed for cancer care, our innovative platform offers customizable hydrogels that can be tailored precisely to specific applications. With rapid resorption in minutes to days, our hydrogels require no preparation, ensuring seamless and efficient use.

See how we are preventing pneumothorax with our hydrogel and unique intra-operative delivery

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