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Our Mission

PneumoNIX Medical, Inc. (PMI) is a pre-clinical stage company developing hydrogel-based technologies focused on Interventional Radiology applications. 


1. PreVENT™ [PTx]  –  Seals a lung biopsy tract and prevents air leakage (pneumothorax, PTx)

2. PreVENT™  [RBB]  –  Seals a kidney biopsy tract and prevents renal biopsy bleeding (RBB)

3. LumaGel™  –  Seals a blood vessel adjacent to vessels feeding tumors or fibroids that are undergoing embolization

Our Team.

We are a dynamic group of engineers, biomaterial experts, and physicians. Emerging from Johns Hopkins, our founders identified a critical need for preventing complications during lung biopsy procedures. With the support of expert biomaterial scientists, we have developed groundbreaking technology with multiple clinical applications. Leading our commercialization efforts is Jim Wilkie, a seasoned medical device entrepreneur, along with an expert medical advisory board from leading academic institutions. Together, we aim to improve cancer care. 

Cliff Weiss, M.D.

Professor of IR

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Robert Liddell, M.D.

Associate Professor of IR

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Premal Trivedi, M.D.

Professor of IR

University of Colorado Hospital

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